Score $100 Towards Cat® Merchandise*

Thank you for taking the time to meet with your local Cat® dealer. You’re just a few steps away from your award.

Claim your $100 Cat® Prepaid Credit:

  1. Enter your Customer Promo Code
    The Promo Code was provided on the direct mailer you received from Caterpillar. If you do not have this, the Cat dealer you met with can provide it.
  2. Enter the Dealer-issued Password
    The Dealer-issued Password is provided to you by your Cat dealer at the conclusion of your machine consultation. Please contact them if you do not have this.
  3. Complete and submit the form on the following screen.
  4. After submitting the form, you will receive an email from Caterpillar with a $100 Cat® Prepaid Credit in 7-10 business days which can be redeemed at your local dealer.

* Your $100 Cat® Prepaid Credit can be redeemed at your local dealer for Cat rentals, attachment purchases, parts, service, and merchandise.